A Bad Few Weeks

Well it’s been a bad few weeks that have seen me constantly in and out of Southampton Hospital or primarily the Hospice at Sslisbury Hospital. Before I go any further I have to say how great they’ve all been’ particularly the Hospice.

For the last three weeks I’ve been constantly in and out of the hospice, every time they’ve done their best to sort me out before sending me home but I only seem to be managing 1 or 2 nights at home before something brings me back in here.

Yesterday I felt rough all day, I’ve recently been brought down on my painkillers to try to get rid of an horrendous problem they’ve given me with constipation, unfortunately that brought back the problem that got me admitted to Southampton a couple of weeks ago which was difficulty breathing due to the metastasis in my ribs. Eventually I listened to Kady and got her to bring me back to the hospice so I could get back on the painkillers before it got too bad and I ended up in a blue light taxi again. Must lose this stubbornness!

Morning now, painkillers did the trick, we’ll see what the day brings….

4 responses to “A Bad Few Weeks

  1. Kady,
    im very sorry to hear the sad news about mike. i’ve been following his story since i read about him in take a break- what an inspiration. you are in my thoughts.
    rebecca xxx

  2. Kady
    We are very sorry to hear about Mike and we would like to let you know that you are in our thoughts. Please stay strong and take care of yourself.
    Lots of love
    Andy and Anne Dobson xx

  3. gladders289

    Just a quick note to let you know still thinking positive thoughts for you both mate. Hope this finds you as well as possible.

  4. Hi mike sorry to here youv’e had a bad couple of weeks mate wish there was something i could do to give you a boost! how about a new tattoo!! dont think kady would agree. Take care mate speak soon.

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