Kefalonia Recce

The Week Before it all Went Wrong

So the holiday in Aug 10 despite my not feeling well was a success. We had a week on the Greek island of  Kefalonia, met the wedding planners, visited all the relevant locations and were happy it was on track. It was all starting to get pretty damn exciting!

Lots of people have asked us why we chose Kefalonia, well in May 2009 I had just come back from a gruelling 6 month tour in Iraq working with the Department for International Development helping the Iraqis to rebuild and modernise their country. Extremely rewarding but utterly exhausting, I also had the privilege of working with the United States Army, as well as the Royal Marines,  their levels of commitment to what we were trying to achieve was truly staggering and an inspiration, it was an honour to be a part of it. After six months of long days and nights though I was ready for a break.

I had always wanted to go to Kefalonia after seeing the film ‘Captain Corellis Mandolin’. Within a day of being there I knew this was a place I would always be coming back to, thankfully Kady agreed. If you need any more reasons, just check out the photos although they only tell part of the story, the people of the island are wonderful also.

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