MRI Scan Pictures

Okay got the MRI Scans today, think the pictures speak for themselves. Three big tumors which are unmissable at roughly the 8, 10 and 2 O’Clock positions and a number of smaller ones, although think you must need to be a Neurologist to spot those ones. The scans are in the main looking from below up through my head, so the 2 O’Clock tumor is actually in my left frontal lobe and not the right as it appears. The clouds of white you can see in some of the scans are the swelling that was giving me the horrendous headaches and making my busy summer at work not so much fun. Dexamethasone (the Roids!) have hopefully reduced most of that. The headaches, after a brief resurgence and consequent increase in Roids a couple of weeks ago have certainly gone.

Looks like a bad day on the range with a shotgun. Have chest scans as well but again I think you need to be a Consultant to make any sense of them, so I won’t put them on here. The tumors are small which is good, but bad because they’re potentially going to have to slit me open like a fish in the next couple of weeks to get biopsies from them before I start Chemotherapy. I’m just hoping at the moment that the next batch of treatment isn’t going to run through Christmas and make that  unpleasant, we shall see…

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One response to “MRI Scan Pictures

  1. I’ll be honest mate. I find these very disturbing to look at.

    I would appear that even the expensive, high-tech MRI scans have failed to pick up even a sniff of hair on your prematurely balding head.

    I can’t believe baldness was covered on BUPA…… ;)

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