Chemo Cycle 2 Update

Phew it’s been rough this time around. I felt sooo sick for the first week, the problem as I found is that just started to make me feel so unwell in all sorts of other ways, it’s very debilitating and I became full on man down. Couldn’t stop sleeping, had severe headaches, the shakes and just in general didn’t really know what to do with myself or what I could do to feel better. As I’ve found before, when you start to feel like that it just sort of spirals out of control and you feel worse and worse. Eventually I saw sense (!) and as I had previously been instructed, contacted my consultant. He became concerned that I was Anaemic and might need a blood transfusion, I certainly seemed to have all the symptoms anyway.

So, yet another trip to the hospital. Had blood tested at Salisbury last Friday, thankfully turned out not to be Anaemic. Had a really good session with Dr Felicity Morgan of Salisbury Palliative Care Team at the Hospice there, where we went through my various meds again – I refer you back to my top tips, this is so important to get right, stay on top of and keep revising!

She prescribed me some different anti-emetic (sickness) medication and gave more advice on what to take and when. Within 24 hrs and with two doses of the new meds the sickness had practically gone. Amazing, within two weeks of meeting her, she’s managed to sort out my sleep pattern – after 5 months, I’m back to pushing out 8 hours a night and in bed rather than on the sofa – and my sickness. I wish I’d met her and her team a long time ago!

Feeling better now but still getting very tired. Another two weeks and I’m having another full set of CT Scans with contrast prior to starting Cycle 3. Then in three weeks I’ll have a session with my  Consultant to discuss the results. He’ll assess whether or not Chemo is working and therefore whether or not to continue with it. That’s the next big milestone!

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