CT Guided Needle Biopsy

Well today’s the day at last, just on way to hospital now for CT guided needle biopsy. Basically they’re going to stab me with a big needle through my back to get to one of these tumours. Not too worried about it, looking forward to the lie down to be honest then the big feed afterwards, nil by mouth is rubbish!

Hopefully barring any complications will only be in for the day, will update tonight. This will give us the 100% diagnosis hopefully results by Monday, which will kickstart Chemo in the next couple of weeks, Happy Bloody Xmas!

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Well it was all pretty straightforward and we were in and out within a few hours. Was not the most pleasant experience, they lay me on my front, numbed me up and then it was in and out of the CT Scanner about 6 times. They drew on my back marking where they were going to stab me, another scan, stabbed me with scalpel, another scan, inserted a metal rod, scan, needle, scan, took sample. Jesus it hurt! It literally felt like someone poked a finger through my back and I swear I felt it trying to come out of the front of my chest. Chest instantly filled with fluid and then uncontrollable coughing. The bit I hated the most is that obviously you can’t see what’s going on and they’re not very good at talking to you. However, the Doc showed me the CT scan afterwards and apparently they got a good sample so worth it – CT Guided Needle Biopsy

I was full on man down feeling ill for about 45 minutes afterwards as you’ll see from the photos where I have my eyes closed, blood pressure dropped, massive hot sweat, felt really unwell. Thankfully by the one hour point I felt remarkably better and was able to complain sufficiently to get cup of tea and an egg sandwich from Kady!  2 hours later, a chest x-ray to make sure my lung had sealed itself up then we were on our way home with strict instructions to rest and call an ambulance if I got any of the symptoms of a collapsed lung.

Ha, not easy to rest when you feel like you’ve just had a rib broken and spontaneously developed the worst chest infection ever. Anyway, by the next day I felt almost completely okay, just a bit battered and bruised.

So, that was that, results on Monday hopefully and with those we can finally start Chemo. Hoping to delay that until after Christmas day though.

As always the staff at Southampton were fantastically helpful and friendly. Thank you blog followers for your support too and for holding off from harassing us, sorry it’s taken me a while to get back on here, needed a couple of days to get some energy back.

There will be another update later this week as  we are going to have the ‘Great Sperm Bank Adventure’! Not one I’m looking forward to but if you’ll pardon the pun I’ve got to squeeze it in(!),apparently chemo is likely to make me infertile for an indeterminate amount of time and neither of us have any children. I shall avoid giving too much detail though if you don’t mind…

One response to “CT Guided Needle Biopsy

  1. clairereed

    Sounds rather uncomfortable Mr. Ah well, think of the pies and pasties you can eat afterwards (if you’re up to it). If not, give them to Kady. :-)

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