The Great Tattoo Adventure

Okay, I’ve always hated tattoos, Kady has one and I’ve constantly given her a hard time about it. So what’s one of the first things you do when you’re told you have a Terminal Illness? Answer, something you never dreamed you would consider.

I don’t know why it was just a crazy idea that popped into my mind, my brother-in-law Adam who has a lot of tattoos traveled down to be my special adviser for the weekend which was gratefully received. He vetted the place for me and assured me it looked reputable. I’d decided to get something in Arabic script done, the original plan was for it to say the names of my ‘pack’ – Kady and our puppies – but it really didn’t translate well into Arabic. So in the end I went for ‘To all the women in my life’. Sounds  a bit cheesy but hey ho. Adam had something in Hebrew to commemorate the occasion also.

Wes at WH’Ink in Durrington was thoroughly professional, I explained how wet I was and he talked me through it all. Did a fantastic job and I’m even planning on going back now for another one!

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7 responses to “The Great Tattoo Adventure

  1. Jon Giddens

    Good to see the upper classes feel the pain like the enlisted scum. Get your thighs done next, they don’t hurt at all. A quality tat, Good on ya!

  2. Joanne Davies

    Lol love the face, petrified comes to mind, I’ve had a few done over the years, and don’t mind the pain, but then I am a brave woman! xxx

    • I know I was just being soft, was really surprised to find it didn’t hurt an ounce! That’s why I’m feeling brave enough to have another one…

  3. Will spend some time doing a bit of researcg later on after work mate

  4. Mike,
    I seem to remember a morning after a very drunken night in the Blandford Mess a few years ago, when you and I both decided we were going to have tattoos (It must have happened as I have the tattoo to prove it!). Cast your mind back to the morning after the night before with a very hungover, possibly still drunk Gladders sitting in a slightly less well appointed tattoo parlour in Blandford Boredom with a fag smoking tattooist of dubious gender attacking my right shoulder blade, with you second in line for a celtic band around your bicep. Shortly after hearing the buzz of the needle gun, and seeing the same sweaty brow on me as you display on the video, I seem to remember you getting on the heel, and nipping off for a brew in the gorge cafe a few doors down!! Not one of our better ideas I have to say, but at least you have yours for a good reason buddy!!!

    • I know I know but at least this place had less than 5 overflowing bins, in fact it didn’t have any! And they appeared to keep it in pretty food nick. Am after a nice design for a Celtic Cross so any suggestions?

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