The Stag Do, London Eye, Covent Garden and other Randoms…

Well the Best Men Murray and Phil dug out blind for this. In true Stag Do tradition I gave them a half-arsed list of who I’d like to be there and they took the chaos onwards. It all got a bit confusing as to who was going to come in the end but ultimately there were dozens of old mates who turned up and it was awesome to catch up.

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I think everyone started out thinking it was going to be some kind of crazy, mental, drunken affair. Apparently I’m know for liking nights like that… However my six month headache which was funnily enough made worse by alcohol, plus the after effects of Radiotherapy had somewhat put me off the idea of drinking much. All I wanted was a quiet day in London with my pals, chilling out and enjoying the day. That’s exactly what I got and what a day it was after the past few weeks. It started out with an Executive ‘Flight’ complete with Champagne on The London Eye, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, of course the boys had to dress me up for it…

What a laugh the London Eye was. Stag do then moved into the second of it’s three phases which was Punch and Judy in Covent Garden, drinking, standing on the balcony and generally catching up. Again a good laugh had by all. Unfortunately I was really feeling the tiring effects of the Radiotherapy by now and about 2100 decided discretion was the better part of valour and I should bail out. Thankfully ‘big Steve’ volunteered to drive me home to Amesbury, had a great nights sleep for the first time in weeks after a fantastic day! Really enjoyed looking at the photos as they came in over the next few days as the boys carried on the craziness! Check out the video of Dobbo at the end, never make the mistake of gobbing off at a Comedian whilst sat on the front row…


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