Kady and I spent yesterday 13 Jan at the hospital getting a day of tests – chest X-Ray and various others as  well as a full run down on the Chemo that I am to start today. I am lucky in that I am taking my Chemo as a course of tablets at home rather than having to sit in a ward receiving a drug infusion. I’ve been using my own drug chart for some time as with my Radiotherapy induced confusion plus the sheer amount of tablets, it has been easy to forget when to take them. As I now have an additional humongous supply of Chemo drugs to take every day as well as additional other drugs to counter the known side effects, I’ve drawn up a new chart, see here 20110114 Drugs Chart Cycle 1 of Chemotherapy

I spent a hugely entertaining evening last night reading every single drug leaflet, working out timings for taking them. There are so many considerations, before/after meals, in the morning/evening, once a day, four times a day, separated by 12 hours, the list goes on. I got there in the end and even managed to leave a couple of hours in the morning and in the afternoon where I might actually be able to do something other than clock watch and wait to take more drugs.

The team at the Spire Hospital were very informative and I feel well prepared for this, first hit of Chemo drugs is 0800 today, I just want to get the next 24 hrs over so I start to get a feel as to whether this is going to make me feel utterly horrendous or hopefully, be one of the lucky ones that it barely affects, we shall see. It’s a three week cycle which starts with 5 days of taking the drug then a downhill slide (apparently) in how you feel, rapidly reducing immune system and constant taking of your own temperature. At the first sign of feeling ill or temperature then it’s call the Chemo Team and possibly an Ambulance job. At the end of each cycle another trip to the hospital, another chest x-ray to measure effectiveness of chemo, or not. After every two cycles another full set of MRI and CT scan to get a more detailed measure of progress, or not. All of this will go on up to a maximum of six cycles or 18 weeks.

The Chemo suite at the Spire was out of this world, Kady and I couldn’t believe it. The ‘Captains’ chair I got to sit in was like something out of a Syfy movie! If I were receiving a drug infusion, this is where I would want to be getting it!

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