Going Bald

I’d initially decided to jump before I was pushed and after the first few days of Radiotherapy, my head was starting to feel quite burnt and I couldn’t really wash my hair as a result. So I first enlisted the help of a friend Matt King to cut it down to a No 3 all over. A few days later my hair literally just fell out in one evening, it was a bit freaky but I was glad I had mentally prepared for it. Matt then took me down to a No 1 however a few days later I noticed  crazy bald stripes all over my head. With Kady’s help I then went completely bald. I’m sort of used to it now, have purchased the world’s biggest selection of hats, with Autumn here having a cold head has become a real issue!

No more trying to hide the baldness – unlike Murray and Phil – saving a fortune on shampoo and haircuts!

Winter has been HORRENDOUS with no hair, I could open my hat shop now I have so many variations of woolly hats! I’ve discovered that one of the things I detest the most is having a cold head! When we have visitors I always take my hat off when they arrive – it looks a bit odd – but within 5 minutes I’m apologising to them and putting my it back on! My hair is slowly starting to come back, for the first time in nearly 5 months I am starting to get sideburns again, but it’s not coming back on top, grrr!

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9 responses to “Going Bald

  1. Karen Jackson

    Looks great Mike. You know what they say about bald men don’t you!!!!

  2. It’s a great look and all the rage …. I think…. !

  3. Dude, all you need is the 70’s shades (in place of the 80’s “Top Gun” ones you currently sport) and the lollipop and you can be Kojak too!!!

  4. Karen Boyce

    Looking Good. Kady i’ve always wanted to go to zero on the clippers but my son would never let me near him after I accidently went to zero down the centre of his head and gave him a reverse mohican when he was 7, forgot to put the no. 4 back on after cleaning the blades. oops

  5. Kady Parke

    I love it!! Finally i got to go to zero with the clippers. Depsite the poor photo, he really does look great….i know i’m biased!

  6. Jason Parke

    Hiya Bro, God it’s like looking in the mirror now except you don’t wear it as well as me :-) (Only joking you look good)

  7. That is a full on Kojak buddy. Looking good though!

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