A Remarkable Lady 13 Jun 1921 – 30 Dec 2010

Sadly my Gran – known in our family as ‘Nanna’ passed away last week. She was a truly remarkable lady who I was always and remain in great admiration of. I was lucky enough to be able to find the strength to travel to Manchester on two occasions recently to visit her in hospital. I will never forget the joy on her face as I showed her mine and Kady’s wedding photos on my iPad. I will also forever be immensely proud of the spirit she showed in dealing with her own illness in the last few months, not easy for someone of 89.

I will be sure to do her proud by following her example. She was in and out of hospital for quite an extended period of time before she passed away and I am grateful that she is no longer suffering and is at  peace now. Her strength of character, sense of humour and cutting wit continued to the end.

I have no doubt she is  reunited with her beloved husband my Grandad now, I shall miss her dearly but know we will meet again at some point. God Bless her.

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