The Second Great Tattoo Adventure – Droylsden Tattoo Studio

Well as many people told me it would, the bug got me! My brother-in-law Adam who took me for my first one and therefore whose fault this all is – please note wife – knew of an excellent tattoo place in Droylsden, Manchester run by a top ex-army guy called Howard Lee.

Adam, determined to get me more ‘inked’ up had discussed me with Howard who very kindly agreed to give me the Celtic Cross I’d always pondered getting. This one hurt slightly more than the bit of Arabic writing I’d had before but still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Howard was incredibly professional and I can’t recommend him highly enough, amazing also the shared experiences we had from being based in Germany – mainly consisting of boozers and kebab shops – as  well as guys we both know.

Finished tattoo looks pretty damn good to me, I’d like to promise Kady that will be the last one but I’m already debating what might complement the Arabic writing on my left shoulder…

Some might question my motives as tattoos were never to my taste and aren’t to many other people. I had a comment on Facebook from a lady called Chantelle who is also suffering with cancer  and I think she hit the nail on the head. I hope she won’t mind me quoting her:

‘I did the same during my treatment. I already had 2 tatts, but the one on my thigh needed a cover up (drunken holiday at 18!). So, I had that done when I was first diagnosed, and at each stage it extended up my side. It now goes from my thigh to halfway up my ribs. God knows why I wanted to put myself through even more pain, but it was something I just needed to do! Hopefully you may understand the mindset, lol. It was a pain that I had chosen to have and therefore was in control of I suppose. Anyway fellow MM…. good ink :-))’

In other words, it’s all about doing the crazy things you normally wouldn’t and also, in some small way regaining control of what’s happening to your body after it’s been ripped away from you. So there we go…

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13 responses to “The Second Great Tattoo Adventure – Droylsden Tattoo Studio

  1. Hi mike really happy you love the tattoo. Thanks for the fantastic comments they mean a lot. It was a real pleasure to meet you and i hope to see you again soon. If your lovely wife allows that full sleeve!! lol Only Joking.

    • It’s awesome mate I love it! I’m currently hunting for some kind of Arabic symbol to go above the writing on my other shoulder to balance out the Celtic Cross. If I make it up to Manchester in the next few weeks I’ll come and see you to have it done.

  2. Kady parke

    Oh Husband you are funny!! Having seen it in the flesh a couple of days on it’s not so bad. Xx

  3. Karen Boyce

    Now now guys….

  4. Cheers Derek, good to catch up with you mate and your comment might help keep me out of the sh*t!

  5. Derek Joseph Comer

    just seen the tattoo in the flesh and must say it looks Briil “and this is from someone who has NONE”.it looks 3D, hope to see more and more lol “only Joking Kady”

  6. Adam Teale

    Glad to see you liked the ink Mate, As i said before once you pop you can’t stop…………Soz Kady, But he did want a complete sleeve doing so i think you got off lightly LOL…

  7. Unfortunately Mike, it looks decent, which eliminates you from the ‘Clatty Tattoo Clan’, mind you our Clan is already full of ‘really bad tattoo’s’ so thank yourself lucky you escaped! or is that just a little older and a little wiser….

  8. I feel very honoured that you chose to include my facebook ramblings on something so important and personal to you. Thank you. x

  9. Kady Parke

    Well i’ve not seen it in the flesh yet, but do the words tramp stamp ring bells?!?!

    I prefer the small, neat, stylish writing, so if you must continue, small and neat i can accept!!

    • Oi watch the cheek wife or I’ll block you from commenting… Howard said he might be able to turn your tramp stamp into something semi-respectable. Although he did add it would probably be one of the biggest challenges of his career…

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