CT Guided Needle Biopsy – Round 2 Weds 29 Dec 10

Well, after the last failed biopsy two weeks ago, fair credit to my Consultant Professor Christian Ottensmeier who has really pulled it out of the bag, I am to have a second lung biopsy tomorrow morning. Really not looking forward to it, particularly now that I know what’s coming however it’s a necessary evil. Planning on a quiet New Year’s Eve as I’ll no doubt be in rag order again. If this one gets a viable sample for analysis then hopefully I’ll be on Chemo by the end of the next week. Be nice to feel like we are progressing.

Professor Ottensmeier also managed last week to jack up some more CT scans with contrast of my head, chest, abdomen and pelvis which took place on Thursday. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback on those this week. It’s been over two months since the last ones and it will be good (I hope, could be bad) to do a check on where we are at with my tumours. Anticipate the ones in my chest will have continued to grow as they’ve had no Chemo, hopefully not too much. I hope the ones in my head will have stayed static but we’ll see.

Will update all of the above when I feel better hopefully by Friday. Later everyone, keep enjoying the seasonal festivities!!!

2 responses to “CT Guided Needle Biopsy – Round 2 Weds 29 Dec 10

  1. clairereed

    hope today went more successfully for you Mick and you get some results this week. Glad you had a good Christmas mate. You deserve it. Speak soon, Claire and Ollie. x

  2. Fingers crossed :), hope you’re having a good Christmas!

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