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I’ve known the proprietor Jay since 1996 when we were both soldiers serving together in Germany, I like to think he learnt a lot from me when I used to fix his vehicle for him in my former Army career as an electronics technician. Of course he’s about to deny that in the comments below…  We bumped into each other sporadically over the years as people in the Army do and it was always good to catch up.

When I arrived in my current job in September 2009 Jay was just finishing off his career in the Army. My Regiment does an horrendous competition every year where you have to do a 13 1/2 mile speed march carrying a ridiculous amount of weight as well as a rifle. I found myself plodding around this in my second week in the job in early October 09, thinking my world was coming to an end and wishing I hadn’t just spent 2 years sat behind a desk. Jay was pretty much out of the Army by then and was using his photography skills to capture the pain on everyone’s faces. Of course, he was being sensible and following the marchers on his Mountain Bike. He cycled with me for about my last 2 miles, chatting, catching up, reminiscing about Germany days and managing to distract me sufficiently to get me to the finish line without disgracing myself.

Jay went on to become a professional photographer and I think if you go to his website, you’ll see he’s made a great success of it. As with any kind of professional he’s not just acquired the technical skills to do the job, but he’s got the passion and the ‘eye’ for it:

When I received my devastating news and Kady and I decided to fast forward our wedding by a year, Jay was one of the first to get in touch, offering his services as a now well established wedding photographer and as a friend not as a business proposition. He rapidly took control advising us and getting the ball rolling to ensure a professional photo package was discussed, planned and subsequently executed. Due to all the medical stuff going on at the time Kady and I were under a severe amount of pressure, Jay was a huge help to us and we really would have been lost without him.

At the wedding he ran things to perfection getting everyone organized, producing hundreds of stunning pictures and making things run smoothly, even still getting amazing results in the midst of the most torrential downpour. Since then he’s been working like a demon putting together a professional book for us.

Not only has he done all that though, but he’s also been advising/teaching/and assisting me in my own rapidly growing interest in photography, the use of cameras and the software to manipulate it all. He’s spent a lot of time helping me learn how to build this website which until 4 weeks ago is something I’d never even attempted. There have been quite a number of times I’ve gotten completely stuck and Jay has come to the rescue.

Passionate  in his photography, professional, incredibly helpful and hard working in everything he does, Kady and I really cannot thank him enough for everything he’s done for us.

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  1. Mike, where would I be in life without all of that technical knowledge you bestowed upon me! after 22 years of struggling to match the expectations and standards set by the Technician fraternity I finally bowed over and bugged out, mind you, by all accounts you didn’t hang around that long either – (how diplomatic was that, not even a whisper of ‘tech weener’ in there)
    Mike & Kady, being entrusted to cover your wedding was a great honor and making it as painless as possible was a pleasure, I am sure you will both love your finished album and I hope it will give you a lot of pleasure and great memories. Thank you for the kind words, however it provides testament to the kind of person you are, firmly fixed to the ground which is somewhat strange given your ‘technical/officer’ background.

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