CT Guided Needle Biopsy Round 2 – Outcome

Well firstly Happy New Year everyone! I spent most of the evening asleep on the sofa – I am crazy – and woke just after midnight. It’s been a rough couple of days however a very quick update. CT scans last week revealed the development of an additional tumour in my chest, I now have five which is disappointing. As previously mentioned, not entirely surprising as they have had no treatment as yet, however that’s about to change…

Second chest biopsy which was on Wednesday and has made me feel so rough the last couple of days was a success, phew! It has achieved it’s aim and confirmed that the cause of all this nastiness is indeed as suspected Malignant Melanoma. Location of the primary site is irrelevant at this stage, apparently the horse bolted months ago. Spoke to my consultant yesterday – 1800 on New Year’s Eve, there’s dedication for you – and will be seeing him next week to discuss commencing Chemotherapy to start tackling these chest tumours. Will probably start week after next, it’ll be a relief to be moving forwards.

I think that’s all for the moment. The second chest biopsy was done by the top man Radiologist at Southampton, Dr Ivan Brown. What a nice, kind, professional and helpful gentleman, it was a completely different experience to the last one and mission accomplished too! Between him and the Nursing Sister Denise who looked after me, I couldn’t have been better cared for.


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