The Last Post.

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all of the followers of Mike’s blog.  Neither of us had any idea when he started this, that he would end up with so many supporters that reached so far across the world and touch so many lives.

The aim of his blog was to be able to help others, which in turn gave Mike strength to carry on, but also for him to have left a legacy behind.  In the early days i thought he was a bit mad and found it difficult to understand his need to communicate so openly with others, but now i could not be more proud of my genuine, kind, hopeful and gracious husband, from whom i have learned so much.  Suddenly all his hopes and aims make complete sense.

He would have been so pleased with all the recent messages and emails of support and thanks that we received, as he had managed to achieve his aims and he has indeed left the best legacy to his life that i could possibly think of.

Mike tried to keep the blog as factual, but as positive and honest as he could, which unfortunately i could not quite replicate given, firstly the change in the writer, but secondly the emotion behind finishing his story.  Having said that i too have been as honest and factual as i could possibly have been from a different perspective, feeling it was right to finish the journey that he started and we went on together.

Finally a big thanks to everyone for their generous donations, it helps not only to know that there are so many people thinking of you, but there are so many willing to help others in the future.  Please stay positive and enjoy life to the full, it is the best tribute you could pay to Mike who always tried to see the best and be the best.

With a big warm and grateful thank you

Kady and Mike’s family.

3 responses to “The Last Post.

  1. Thanks guys. I know he really wanted to see Mike when he was back, so sorry he missed him and we will remember all the guys who can’t be there on Friday. Dobbo has always been so good to Mike. x

  2. I first read about yours and Mike’s situation in one of my wifes magazines and after losing my father to this terrible disease and living in the Tidworth area for the majority of my life, your story touched me and i have followed the trials and tribulations that you have both had to go through since then. You and Mike have been incredibly brave people with what you have had to endure and to have the courage to let everyone know what was happening and how bad things were and could get should make you very proud. I am sure Mike is now watching over you every day until you are together again. keep strong and hold true your memories, RIP Mike, sleep well brave soldier.

  3. Kady, you have done Mike proud by finishing the blog in such a beautiful way. I know Andy is thinking of both of you every day in Afghanistan and he misses him and that our thoughts are with both you and your families. Please take care and we will see you soon. Love Anne Dobson xx

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