Visit to my brother and his family

Well I went on my second trip on a train which was slightly more interesting as it involved the hell of a trip across London. It was lovely to see my brother and his wife as well as my baby nephew. Had a nice trip out with my brother down to the river in Bedford which was cold but very picturesque!

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One response to “Visit to my brother and his family

  1. Bedford was cold!!! your beginning to sound like a Southern Sofftie Mike, lol, you will be eating Jellied Ell’s next “i dont fink iv spelt that correct” and then you will start eating Chips with NO GRAVY lol. Nice to see you and Janson having a bit of time togeather. Sailsbury Cathedral looks like and your photo’s are improving, quite diffecult to get the inside of the church & the stain Glass Windows in the correct exposure, so what ever you have got your camera set on, keep it on that. take care spk soon Derek :-)

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