Master Charlie Parke….The next generation!!

Charles Shaun Michael ParkeCharles Shaun Michael Parke was born at 03:05 on Sunday 10th June 2012, three weeks and two days early, unlike his father, who was always late everywhere!  He weighed a healthy 5lb 15oz and was happy and healthy, more than can be said for his mother after the trauma giving birth, I can now thoroughly recommend gas and air and pethidine from a personal rather then professional perspective (for those of you not aware I am a nurse).  I had my sister Lorna and Mike’s sister, Dawn, with me, i think they were also traumatised. My sister was almost attacked by the gas and air pipe, not that I was trying to hit her, just something/anything and Dawn’s polite version, was that a was a “right potty mouth!”

Instantly Dawn said how much Charlie looked like Mike, all I could see was a hairy monkey looking, curled up little thing, who, if you put a hat on, looked more like a garden gnome!  From time to time I can see the resemblance and he definitely has the features of the Parke side, the only two things he has from me is my frown and my appetite!  Charlie is now ten weeks old and has gained almost 10lb in weight weighing a hefty 15lb 1oz earlier this week, he loves his food.  You will see when I upload a picture he has several chins and no neck! Fortunately he has his fathers beautiful crystal blue eyes and a gorgeous smile to match, maybe that comes from me too, oh and the fact he never stops chatting, although Mike was always bossy and in command, so maybe Charlie is heading the same way!

Anyway, all in all we are doing well and he is already growing into such a little character, I often feel very sad that Mike is not here to see him and fear that Charlie will never really know just how great his dad was, however we have plenty to tell him and show him and I hope he won’t feel the loss of not having a father too badly in the years to come, I am sure his two godfathers, who were also our two best men, Murray and Phil, will keep him on the straight and narrow (or maybe lead him somewhat astray, who knows). I am looking forward to taking him up Solsbury Hill to see his Dad’s bench, before he gets too heavy to carry.

We have now moved out of army quarters and back nearer my family, I often see a lone seagull sat on the roof of my house when I let the dogs out in the garden early in the morning, so although Mike has never been here he still sits watching over us I am sure, although he could work a bit harder and getting Charlie to bed in the early evening!  Still wherever he is I am sure he would be very proud of his gorgeous little boy.  We miss you babe!

Kady and little Charlie

Ps thanks to everyone for all your continued support.

4 responses to “Master Charlie Parke….The next generation!!

  1. Hi Kady,

    First of all, thank you to you and Mike for sharing your stories with us – it really offers such comfort to others going through the same thing. My husband died earlier this year from melanoma. I first came across your blog early last year but didn’t want to read on too much at that time as I really didn’t want to think that Jim could die. When I recently read your two posts – after the year, and on the birth of Charlie – I found them so moving. The 1 year one struck of lot of chords with me and made me feel better about how I was feeling – though I cried all the way through it! :-)

    The main reason I’m contacting you is because I’m considering having IVF using sperm that Jim banked before he had chemo and wondered whether I could write to you about it. I’m sure you’re really-busy with your hands full looking after Charlie but if you were able to share some advice with someone going through the same thing I’d be really grateful.

    My email address is – please don’t be put off by the rather impersonal sounding email – I am genuine! I just haven’t shared these thoughts with everyone and I don’t want anyone to spy this comment here – as unlikely as that may be – and so I’m using a different email address.

    Thanks – I hope to hear from you soon.

    Sarah x

  2. nikkiosman

    Hi Kady, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. My name’s Nikki and I’m a features writer at a woman’s magazine. I read your story in The Sun over the weekend, it is both incredibly moving and inspiring. I would love to speak with you about the possibility of telling your story to us. If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing, you can reach me via email on Best wishes to you and your family, Nikki

  3. Hi Kady,

    I am a journalist with my own press and pr agency ( I was moved by your incredible story in this week’s Style magazine and would love to talk to you further. If you would like to contact me my email is If this is not something you are keen to pursue I wish you and your beautiful son well in the future. You are such a strong and inspirational woman and this blog is a credit to you and to Mike. Kind regards Jill

  4. I followed all the blogs Mike entered…and felt so sad when you lost him..he really faught a hard battle……Now I am so happy for you that you have your baby boy…and I know he will bring you much happiness…his Dad would have been so proud of you both…..CONGRATULATIONS……!!

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