This Week – Not a Good One

Well I don’t really know where to start this has been the most traumatic week yet. Woke up Weds morning with severe pain in left chest just under rib cage. Progressively got worse as the morning went on, rang ‘she who knows best’ -wife of course-to say ‘help’! One times ambulance to Salisbury hospital. Chest X-Ray, ‘significant disease progression’ I guess that answers the question about whether Chemo was working. New tumours across abdomen and now in liver and kidneys, also growth of tumours in brain and right lung as well as new ones in left lung, no explanation for pain in left ribs though. Eventually felt better as the day went on so as I was due to see consultant on Thurs in Southampton and get results of CT Scans from last week, happy to be discharged.

So, Kady and I got about half way to Southampton yesterday – Thurs morning – and I started to get severe breathing difficulties again. Pulled off motorway, another ambulance trip, morphine two doses, good stuff. Met in A and E by consultant, v good as always, morphine drip even better. Another CT scan focussing on chest. Question answered, bad chest infection, blood clots in lungs. Now on IV antibiotics, here for at least 7 days. I won’t go into new prognosis, suffice to say it’s not currently very good. Still no explanation for sudden sharp pain in ribs, concerned cancer has spread into bone therefore, bone scan on Monday. So, it’s a free weekend in Southampton being pumped full of drugs. Happy happy happy days…! Not looking my best:

5 responses to “This Week – Not a Good One

  1. Hi Mike, I am lynnes husband Kevin. She contacted you a while ago as she has some of the same problems as you. I started her on the Budwig protocol + a lot more in march 2010. I still think that it might help you,even at this stage.If you or your wife or friends want to know more please contact me.Leave a short message at You have nothing to loose.Never give up hope.
    Goog luck in watever you do. Kevin

  2. Hi Mike
    It’s Andy Dobsons wife here. I’m sorry to here that you are not doing well at the moment. You are in both our thoughts and Andy is keeping up to date with what’s going on whilst he is in Afghan. He wants to send you his best and will be back in a few weeks to see you. Take care Mike and give our love to Kady xx

  3. markstoter

    Look on the bright side mate – if any kids visit, at least you have a more appropriate elephant impression now! Seriously though, thoughts with you Mike – hope you’re over this blip soon.

  4. Hi Mike, I saw your article in take a break and realised I knew who you were! You may remember me from Blandford about 1995 I was friends with Nina ( I was the fat one with ginger hair) and we used to drink in the C&A amongst other establishments! I also vaguely remember you having a capri!! Just had to send you a message and say you are truly an inspiration and I have no idea how you cope with all that gets thrown at you both!! Keep fighting and much love to you both xxx

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