Top Tips From My Experience So Far

Top Tips From My Experience So Far.

One response to “Top Tips From My Experience So Far

  1. johngurkha

    This top tips page is excellent and certainly helped put my constant joint pain due to trying to maintain the easiest levels of fitness that the Army calls for into perspective. I now will re-assess, accept the fact that my knees are screwed and try and enjoy the fact that despite the relatively low levels of pain (which in fairness can be managed by a few aspirin) I can still get the dogs around a good 7 or 8 mile walk, take part in Unit PT and play the odd game of rugby. I will even reminisce about taking a jog with you and the dogs around Beacon Hill in Stafford and through rose tinted glasses think to myself that I actually enjoyed it (you know that is not true – I hate running and besides the dogs, the company was crap – running with people who can actually run and enjoy it is just soul destroying when you’re rubbish at it).
    Anyway, I guess actually what I am getting around to is that I love reading your blogs. I am now thinking that perhaps this is something you should have started ages ago, some of the more bizzare conversations we had whilst “planning” 12 Sig Gp exercises and Stafford Station Standing Orders really should have been recorded for the world to see.
    On the plus side spring is very much on its way, lambs are in the fields, the rhubarb is very much nearly edible, and the daffs are about to flower (they have in Exmoor but we are a few weeks behind you lot in the South). Days are getting longer and the kids are getting up earlier (claiming it is “morning”).
    Appreciate that the latest blog doesn’t paint a very rosy picture, and your thoughts here about remaining strong (in public) is very much a theme that runs through most of our lives in the military – it’s overly amplified in your circumstances. I have visions of the group “crying scene” in “Fight Club” – with Meatloaf and Edward Norton and re-enacting it in a small country pub after several pints of Gin and Tonic – to make it more accessible, if you have the strength and are allowed to on morphine (are there actually any rules when you are on morphine) we can do it at your local, any other takers?
    I am praying that you get what you want, I wouldn’t want it any other way either.
    As always thinking of you and Cady.

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