Salisbury Hospice

Well I hadn’t heard of the Hospice at Salisbury Hospital until I was referred there by my GP.

I have to say they have been absolutely fantastic. It was my misconception that people go into a Hospice when they are near to death and to spend their last few days/weeks. That of course does happen but actually their other role is symptom relief or ‘Palliative Care‘ for terminally ill individuals.

They have really helped me out over the last couple of weeks and I am again a resident here with them helping me to try to get on top of  the fits/blackouts I’ve started having. I’d been warned when I was initially diagnosed last August 2010 that I would get fits but it’s taken until now for it to start to happening. They are a result of one of the brain tumours I have which is now growing again. It’s the most bizarre feeling I’ve ever had. Only last a few seconds but it feels like your brain is vibrating inside your head, you get wobbly vision and just lose control of arms and legs for 2-3 seconds, thankfully I’ve only piled in once and that was in the house so soft landing. Correction, piled in big time today onto concrete, thankfully only a few bruises although the dizziness is coming more and more often now. It is very frustrating.

It’s so reassuring to be in  a safe environment like the Hospice and to just know they are keeping an eye on me and tweaking my medications as necessary. I was surprised to find that considering the service they provide they are only 50% publicly funded. Please have a look at their website and if you are able to a donation would be very gratefully received

The staff and facilities are highly professional and I really don’t know what I’d be doing without them at the moment!

2 responses to “Salisbury Hospice

  1. gladders289

    Hi there mate,

    It took a while but finally sorted out how to post on here again. I hope by now you are home again, and things have steadied after the downturn. We need to get on the skype again buddy. Am at home in July, and if you are up to it would love to take you and Kady out for lunch or similar.


  2. Hi Mike, sorry to here about your Fits, like you said, with a bit of tweeking with your medicasion they might get them in order. i think everyone thinks once your in a Hospice, its your final days, but they are not, they are Fantastic Places “not that iwant to go in one”, but what they do to help people is amazing and like you say mostly funded by donasions. Nice to read another chapter in your Blog, hope it goes on & on “end up like reading War & Peace” lol. take care Derek & Sara ;)

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