Tough Guy 2011 Supporting Wounded Soldiers Through the Charity Help for Heroes

If you’ve never heard of this competition then have a look at this link

Now a number of guys I know have very kindly volunteered to put themselves through this hellish experience – which I know of more than one soldier who has been scared off by – in order to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes. Talk about selflessness as none of them are even serving in the Army. This charity does amazing work in helping provide the facilities that assist our wounded soldiers in their recovery.

Anyway, I implore you to have a look at their fund raising page and if you can sponsor them then fantastic. This blog has had over 17,000 hits, even if everyone just gave £1 that would provide a huge amount of assistance to these young men and women in their recovery upon returning from Afghanistan with life changing injuries.

I cannot underline enough just how tough this competition is these guys have volunteered themselves for, this isn’t just some cross-country run, it’s hell on earth! Check out some of the You Tube videos at the charity giver link above, it really is mental, I would not want to be the risk assessor!

Please give generously, this charity really counts.

6 responses to “Tough Guy 2011 Supporting Wounded Soldiers Through the Charity Help for Heroes

  1. Gareth Edwards

    Well, training can’t be described as going ‘well’ exactly, what with broken toes, dodgy feet and endless excuses for not putting the miles in…but as the event approaches we’re determined to improve and of course we’re ramping up the fundraising, so come on guys, dig deep…I see 16,000+ hits on this blog….£1 each would help a lot of heroes!

    • Yep come on everyone dig deep, if you want to do something to help wounded soldiers returning from Afghanistan then donating to these guys is a direct way to do it! Please help.

  2. Gareth Edwards

    Just hoping Mr Mouse has finished his 50m, laser illuminated statue of Christ looking down on the good people of Wolverhampton. They won’t know how they managed without it.

  3. Dr Gareth Edwards

    Thanks for promoting this!

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