Chilli Films and a Preview of the Wedding DVD

Chilli Films came highly recommended to us by Matt Cox a good friend from work. Having a video done of the wedding was not something that Kady and I had really considered. Boy I’m glad we did in the end, everybody told us before that there would be so much going on that we would miss 90% of the big day. If anything I think that was an understatement, the figure was nearer 98% and even this preview has brought back so many memories that we’d completely forgotten already, we can’t wait to see the final DVD!

Hannah Manning who runs Chilli Films was utterly professional and helpful right from the word go. Considering we were only able to give her four weeks notice she pulled out all the stops to get the right preparatory measures in place to ensure the filming on the day would go to plan. Both Kady and  I were incredibly impressed by the way both her and her husband Doug the second cameraman went about their business. They were unobtrusive yet always seemed to be in just the right place to get the shots needed. Testament to how good they were is that our Padre Tony Coslett, who was quite sensitive about people encroaching on the ceremony, I don’t think even noticed they were there.

Not only were Hannah and Doug professional in their business of being cameramen, they were also fantastic at shepherding the 180 plus cats (guests) we had at the wedding around. Ensuring that as the day got more drunken, there were still plenty of video messages being left and also that the key events were being filmed. Both incredibly courteous and friendly, we couldn’t have hoped for a more professional or helpful team. When all the timings started to run over – again as we’d been warned they would – Hannah and Doug remained flexible and pushed on with the filming, Kady and I really felt for them, boy they worked hard that day!

After the wedding Channel 5 news did a story on us, Hannah was able at incredibly short notice to produce a short wedding clip to be used by them, again incredibly flexible. The overall experience of dealing with Chilli Films has been second to none and we can’t thank or recommend them highly enough!

Hope you enjoy the preview of the Wedding DVD, please remember this is copyright to Chilli Films so no downloading, re-posting, publishing etc without their express agreement

7 responses to “Chilli Films and a Preview of the Wedding DVD

  1. Derek Joseph Comer

    Great Video, look forward to seeing the full version, looked like it was a GREAT DAY!!!!!

  2. Looks great – cant’s wait to see more!

  3. Brilliant Mike, can’t wait to see the final version!! Love Dawn x

  4. Wonderful! I can see why they (Chilli Films) come highly recommended.

  5. This is just wonderful. . . and it is not all of it! I am crying buckets!
    love to you both xx

  6. Karen Jackson

    Fabulous. Kx

  7. looking good can’t wait to see all of it

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