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A Weekend on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset

So a couple of weekends ago Kady and I spent a lovely weekend in a cottage with our friends Phil and Caroline and Murray and Jo. It’s beautiful down on the Jurassic Coast and Kady and I have had some great times down there. I was feeling amazingly sh*t from the Chemo which didn’t help, thankfully still managed to enjoy it although don’t think I was great company as when we weren’t out and about, I was mostly sleeping!

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Cerne Abbas Giant, Corfe Castle, the stunning Durdle Door and the Jurassic Cliffs, all stunning and on our doorstep! Have to say, a little more enjoyable in the Summer than in Winter!!!

Kady’s Birthday Trip to the Hawk Conservancy Trust

It was Kady’s birthday last week – she’s proper old now(!) – and for a treat I though I’d take her to the Hawk Conservancy Trust which is not too far from us

She always comments when we’re out and about and she sees a Bird of Prey and I have to say it was a fantastic few hours and well worth a visit. As an added bonus Kady’s sister and nephew were able to join us!

Check out the photos, we’ll definitely be going back!

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Christmas 2010

Christmas was fantastic and I’m really gutted it’s over. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that we were forced to cancel various attempts at making plans due to the uncertainty over biopsies and chemo.

In the end we settled on a lovely quiet day spent with Kady’s family and it was great. We spent the morning opening presents, before going for a lovely crisp snowy walk at Longleat which was gorgeous and I can thoroughly recommend!

Lunch was amazing, how Kady’s Mum Trudy produces such a fantastic meal for so many people is beyond me but she does it. Then it was present time again, I feel really privileged to have been welcomed into such a generous, warm family.

In all it was a really relaxed nice day, exactly what we’d been hoping for. Perfect!

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A Week of Bouncing Babies!

Well who’d have thought it, what a great time I’ve had over the last week being introduced to the world of babies. I never thought I’d say it but I’ve loved it, they’re all so cute. Yeah yeah I know it’s easy to say that when you can hand them back and don’t have to do  the messy bits or sleepless nights, I can empathise a lot with the lack of sleep though at the moment.

It’s been fantastic and I’ve loved getting to know my nephew Callum more as well as meeting Ben, Emily and Zach properly, they’ve all been incredibly cute and very cool. What a privilege. Oh and of course it’s been great to catch up with their Mum’s too!

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Visit to my brother and his family

Well I went on my second trip on a train which was slightly more interesting as it involved the hell of a trip across London. It was lovely to see my brother and his wife as well as my baby nephew. Had a nice trip out with my brother down to the river in Bedford which was cold but very picturesque!

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Salisbury Cathedral

What can I say, we’d wanted to go for sometime, absolutely beautiful inside but then I am getting really old. Well worth a visit. Oh and it’s free, well it is if you don’t put anything in the contribution box… bad me.

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Bristol Visit to SS Great Britain

So we were in Bristol last weekend and thought we’d make the most of the opportunity to visit Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s SS Great Britain, the first ever metal hulled ship. I’m a bit of a history buff so had always wanted to see it. Kady and I had a good wander around, the only low point was when she ‘forced’ me to try on a Brunel style hat, check out the photo, I know she’ll give me a hard time if I don’t put it on here.

All in all an enjoyable trip out, 50% off with a military ID which was a bonus

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The Second Great Tattoo Adventure – Droylsden Tattoo Studio

Well as many people told me it would, the bug got me! My brother-in-law Adam who took me for my first one and therefore whose fault this all is – please note wife – knew of an excellent tattoo place in Droylsden, Manchester run by a top ex-army guy called Howard Lee.

Adam, determined to get me more ‘inked’ up had discussed me with Howard who very kindly agreed to give me the Celtic Cross I’d always pondered getting. This one hurt slightly more than the bit of Arabic writing I’d had before but still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Howard was incredibly professional and I can’t recommend him highly enough, amazing also the shared experiences we had from being based in Germany – mainly consisting of boozers and kebab shops – as  well as guys we both know.

Finished tattoo looks pretty damn good to me, I’d like to promise Kady that will be the last one but I’m already debating what might complement the Arabic writing on my left shoulder…

Some might question my motives as tattoos were never to my taste and aren’t to many other people. I had a comment on Facebook from a lady called Chantelle who is also suffering with cancer  and I think she hit the nail on the head. I hope she won’t mind me quoting her:

‘I did the same during my treatment. I already had 2 tatts, but the one on my thigh needed a cover up (drunken holiday at 18!). So, I had that done when I was first diagnosed, and at each stage it extended up my side. It now goes from my thigh to halfway up my ribs. God knows why I wanted to put myself through even more pain, but it was something I just needed to do! Hopefully you may understand the mindset, lol. It was a pain that I had chosen to have and therefore was in control of I suppose. Anyway fellow MM…. good ink :-))’

In other words, it’s all about doing the crazy things you normally wouldn’t and also, in some small way regaining control of what’s happening to your body after it’s been ripped away from you. So there we go…

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Brizzle for Lindsey’s 30th

Few beers in Comfi Bar followed by a kebab from the ‘Hunger Hatch’, top night!



Beautiful day for a wander around the ‘Stones’, I love the thought of all the history of this place.  Nice and bright but damn chilly! Had a lovely time and even managed to do the often forgotten ‘Woodhenge’ afterwards.

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