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Going Bald

I’d initially decided to jump before I was pushed and after the first few days of Radiotherapy, my head was starting to feel quite burnt and I couldn’t really wash my hair as a result. So I first enlisted the help of a friend Matt King to cut it down to a No 3 all over. A few days later my hair literally just fell out in one evening, it was a bit freaky but I was glad I had mentally prepared for it. Matt then took me down to a No 1 however a few days later I noticed  crazy bald stripes all over my head. With Kady’s help I then went completely bald. I’m sort of used to it now, have purchased the world’s biggest selection of hats, with Autumn here having a cold head has become a real issue!

No more trying to hide the baldness – unlike Murray and Phil – saving a fortune on shampoo and haircuts!

Winter has been HORRENDOUS with no hair, I could open my hat shop now I have so many variations of woolly hats! I’ve discovered that one of the things I detest the most is having a cold head! When we have visitors I always take my hat off when they arrive – it looks a bit odd – but within 5 minutes I’m apologising to them and putting my it back on! My hair is slowly starting to come back, for the first time in nearly 5 months I am starting to get sideburns again, but it’s not coming back on top, grrr!

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