Posh Caravanning aka Sailing

Sailing was fantastic, we were met at Gosport by one of the Royal Signals Corps Boatswains MJ, what a fantastic helpful guy. Got us sorted out with kit and set up with the boat in no time at all. In the capable hands of the experienced sailors Mark and Chris, Murray, Kady and I were soon briefed up and we were underway from Gosport to West Cowes on the Isle of Wight. It was getting late so there wasn’t a lot of time for sailing that would have to wait until Saturday, motor on, pub ahoy!

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6 responses to “Posh Caravanning aka Sailing

  1. Get that door fixed right away. Some jobsworth will pick you up for entering a car like that. It was only allowed in the pictures in the 50s you know. :)

    Thank you for this Mark. He tells me he’s always working.

  2. Rubbish! I am not a poser!

    Mate: can you email me the original of the photo of the 4 of us lads you have on here. It’s a cracker.

    PS To those looking at this site, my car driver’s door is stuck, hence the stupid entry arrangement above…..

  3. Kady Parke

    No sea sickness and a great weekend all round. Good weather and great company, look forward to doing it again soon! Oh and Murray is the biggest poser i know…..Just smile Murray, it does the job.

  4. Hiya bro,
    It looks like you, Kady and the boys had a good time on the open sea, your a natural at that wheel. Ship ahoy

  5. Mate,
    I hope the days sailing gave you as much pleasure as your vid clip gave me!!! German engineering at it’s finest!!

    Skype soon bud


  6. Have an amazing time guys!!! xx

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