Tuesday 12 Oct Update After Appointment with Consultant

Okay so I’ve just finished an appointment with the wonderfully reassuring and helpful Dr Sharpe. I am to have a number of CT scans on Monday 1st November to re-assess what is going on with the tumors in my head and chest. Primary aims are:

1. To check the ones in my head are doing nothing really bad and behaving themselves.
2. To assess what change there has been to the tumors in my lungs with a view to getting a biopsy in the coming weeks of one of them. This is very important to get a 100% diagnosis of their cause rather than the 99% we currently sit at. This will then allow us to move on to the next step which is Chemotherapy and for that we must have the correct drug. I guess they also want to see if anything new has cropped up, hopefully not.

All in all a very reassuring visit with the opportunity to chat and ask lots of questions. Also got the chance to pop in and visit my hair removal friends the Radiotherapists, good to say hello and quickly see them.

5 responses to “Tuesday 12 Oct Update After Appointment with Consultant

  1. Derek Joseph Comer

    Hi Mike, nice to see that your still possative, great blog by the way, rearly enjoying it. have set up a DD for Cancer Reserch, “should have done it years ago when my mate died from it”, anyway its set up now, another friend of ours has been diagnosed with Brest Cancer, she’s only in her 30s as well “she bald now as well”, pissin shitter of a dieses “think thats spelt wrong, but im crap at spelling anyway”, just good with number lol. anyway hope you and Kady are keeping each others spirts up :-). we will be looking after Rusty next week for your mum, shes off for a few days with her friends. she seems to be a bit more possative with things, Sara chats to her from time to time “i think she’s doing ok”, anyway enougth shit, enjoy your time on The Sick ;-), speak soon Derek

  2. You know I enjoy sailing … remember I was away sail racing in the Danish Fjords while you and Kady were in Kefalonia … but I am now committed to other activity this weekend. I will scoot down one night next week if that’s convenient … bit of a tab down, I know … but Kady’s worth it!!! Enjoy your time on the water, landlubber!!!

  3. Mike,
    Glad to see the consultation went so well and matters moving forward positively. You’re obviously in very safe hands. Let me know when it’s good to come down and see you and the current Mrs Parke!! ;¬)

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